Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

Large Evergreen

Common Name Scientific Name Plant Size
Chinese JuniperJuniperus chinensisdependent on cultivar
Dark Green ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Nigra'20-25'
Dundee Juniper or RedcedarJuniperus virginiana 'Hillii'10-15'
Emerald ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'10-15'
Goldmop Japanese FalsecypressChamaecyparis pisifera 'Goldmop'6-10'
Hetz Wintergreen ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Hetz Wintergreen'20-25'
Hetzii Chinese JuniperJuniperus chinensis 'Hetzii'10-12'
Hicksii YewTaxus x media 'Hicksii'8-10'
Japanese FalsecypressChamaecyparis pisifera6-12'
Siberian ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Wareana'6-8'
Sunkist ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Sunkist'15-18'
Swiss Mountain PinePinus mugo10-15'
Techny or Mission Strain ArborvitaeThuja occidentalis 'Techny'20-25'
Threadleaf FalsecypressChamaecyparis pisifera 'Filifera'6-10'
Upright Japanese YewTaxus cuspidata 'Capitata'8-10'+

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Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest

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